Athletes should be able to focus on what’s important in their careers. Training, competing, winning, resting, eating, and living. We can handle the rest. That’s what good Client Management is to us.
An elite athlete’s career is usually not that long. It is important that support from sponsors goes hand in hand with athletic success. This results in a good life through your career and, if everything goes well, a stable economy once the arena spotlight is no longer on. Because your career isn’t over.
The term Client Management is broad, and can include many things. At Core Talent we help you find new sponsors, negotiate and sign contracts, and package deals to make every collaboration as attractive as possible. We support you with insurance and investment solutions, media relations, and PR. We help you refine your personal brand, provide legal support, networking, healthcare, and logistics. And, early on we emphasize working on a plan for the athlete when they no longer compete. Creating security.
Today’s elite athletes face enormous pressures from many directions. They all need someone at their side to hold by the hand – someone who is good at listening to ideas, and giving advice and support. 
At Core Talent, that’s what we do.



“I expect a good collaboration where everyone is satisfied. I'm signing on to get help finding new sponsors, and to keep my current ones satisfied by keeping up my contacts with them, and having access to good ideas and organisational know-how.”  
Angelica Bengtsson





Maja Dahlqvist, cross-country skiing

Some of our previous clients include Gunde Svan, Jonas Nilsson, Christer Majbäck, Glenn Hysen, Billan Westin, Ludmila Engqvist, Pernilla Wiberg, Markus Larsson and Thomas Fogdö.


“Since I want to be able to focus on my athletics, it is very important for me to have an agent who can take care of my current and future partners. This takes a lot of time, time that I can't afford if I want to become the best at what I do. And that's where Keith comes in. He does the hard work for me. In a shrinking market for hardware products, finding partners that can support you is even more important, preferably with a long-term perspective where the collaboration doesn't simply end with your active career”.
André Myhrer